noun – a French medieval lyric poet composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love.

– a poet who writes verse to music.

minstrel, singer, balladeer, poet;

Often in music, collaborations form more than the sum of their parts…

Chris Pookah and John McColm are individually strong songwriters and acoustic performers who have decided to travel the musical path together this year, each enhancing the other’s songs in a natural balance of styles and content.

Chris is a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist of undoubted talent and ability. He plays guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin and percussion. His music can be described as a blend of traditional folk & world music, Rock and Jazz.
Currently working on his debut studio album ‘All Your Bridges’ which will be available in 2016. With beautifully crafted songs and a rhythmic finger-picking guitar style and technique, he has a melodic yet powerful vocal range that brings a certain mystical feeling to his live performances. Both captivating and consuming, he has been known to leave his audiences spellbound with a thirst for more.

Also hailing from Scotland John has been performing since his school years playing keyboard and guitar in several bands and fronting a blues band for some time in Cheshire.
Most recently he has been developing his solo work, concentrating on acoustic
performances culminating in a well received live album, John Awakening, in 2015.

John_Chris _the_yard
Chris Pookah & John McColm live at The Yard. February 2016

Having previously formed two thirds of a German based project, PPS, between them their musical talents have taken them as far afield as the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Italy as well as the UK, where they have been well received both as band members, soloists and more recently as a duo. Collectively they share a taste for sensitive songs drawn from life, touching melodies and driving, dynamic, groove-laden rhythm.

The two friends have also developed a personally chosen covers set and with the recent acquisition of a mobile home they are now road ready and eager to take this on tour throughout the UK and into Europe to share their musical interpretations. The covers set includes an eclectic but far from obscure collection of songs which have special relevance to both artists.

With the demise of live music venues across the UK their unique blend of styles is ideally suited to the rapidly evolving House Concert scene offering an atmospheric evening of entertainment ideally suited to this intimate environment.

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Too much Whisky in my water – by John McColm

Easy come easy go – by Chris Pookah

The Faerie & the pookah – by Chris Pookah & John McColm

Changeable skies – by John McColm & Chris Pookah

Small Town Troubadour – by John McColm

For more information about bookings for live gigs, house concerts and festivals email